Are those tiny bumps after waxing normal? How to take care of them.

We all have experienced those tiny little goosebumps that appear after we have faxed. Well, let us assure you. That is perfectly normal. The surrounding skin is stretched when hair is removed from its roots or even after shaving. This is what causes the skin to develop mild bumps, and sometimes a slight inflammation.

But they can get very irritating if you don’t take care of them. Here are some quick tips that will give you immediate relief, and help you take care of your skin between waxes.

Quick tips for taking care of after-wax bumps:

If your bumps are getting a little extra itchy, here are a few things that you might try:

  1. Avoid Tight Clothes: If you feel irritated by the bumps, it may be because your clothes are rubbing off on them. It’s best to wear loose clothes for a few hours after getting waxed, or if you are feeling extra kinky, go shirtless.
  2. Use warm and cool compressions: Yes, both of them work, but they soothe your skin differently. Use ice wrapped in a piece of cloth, if the affected area feels a bit warm. If you feel like the bumps are too itchy, you can use a warm cloth to apply hot compressions.
  3. Don’t pop or pick on the bumps: It’s a terrible idea to press on the bumps too hard, especially with your nails. This might cause damage to your skin, and you even run the risk of getting an infection

What to do between waxes:

If you don’t wax regularly, you might not know about these post and pre-wax rituals. Well, let us bring you up to speed. 

Here’s what you do if you are feeling lingering irritation, that just won’t go away even after days:

Home-made Scrub:

All the ingredients you need for a homemade scrub are right there in your kitchen drawer. Just mix half a cup of super with half a cup of olive oil, and you have yourself a healthy exfoliating and might we say, yummy scrub. Just apply a small amount of it to the affected area, and gently scrub in a circular motion. 

Aloe Vera:

The most common reason for irritation after waxing is dehydration. You can easily remedy that with a simple aloe vera plant. Just break a small piece, shave it, and then scrub gently on the affected area. This will not only help soothe the irritation but also provide needed nourishment to your skin. 

What to do right before a wax:

There are also things that you can do right before you get a wax to remedy the irritation afterward. All you need to do is take a warm bath to prep your skin for waxing or maybe gently exfoliate to loosen the hair. Just to make sure your beautiful skin is ready for it.

What not to do before the wax is to shave your hair. You might think it’ll help with the waxing, but it doesn’t. It makes the hair weak, and it gets much more irritating when all the hair is not plucked out in a single attempt. 

Happy waxing, sans the mild irritation after! Try these little remedies and you will get glowing and healthy skin no matter how many times you wax. 

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