Waxing Underarms

Ready to wear those tank tops and swimsuits with confidence? We got you covered. Using wax to remove hair from the underarms has many hidden advantages. The hair follicles become damaged from regular waxing, thus you remain hair-free for longer periods. Waxing also rejuvenates the skin, removing the accumulation of dead skin cells that cause the armpits to go dark.

Waxing Arms

We understand how important is it for you to have perfect and flawless skin. Waxing your arm not only helps your skin stay young and healthy but also gives you that much-needed boost to live a confident life. You can choose between a full arm or a half arm wax, depending on the occasion. Wax that is used on you is immediately discarded and a fresh batch is used for every customer.

Waxing Chest

A hair-free chest has become the standard of beauty for women. It not only highlights your skin but is also an important element in seduction. If you are also looking to have that perfect hair-free seductive body, then Spa Services is the place to be. We understand how sensitive your chest area can be, and we make sure that the wax is at the right temperature for a soothing and pain-free waxing experience.

Waxing Legs

Legs are the most important part of your physique, right after your chest. Making sure that your legs are always looking smooth and hair-free can become tough. If you are a working woman then finding time to wax your entire leg can become quite a hassle. Well, we are here to take your troubles away. We have all the right tools to make sure that you would have a near pain-free and comfortable waxing experience.

Waxing Stomach

A smooth stomach is an important part of that irresistible beach body. Stomach hair is not that thick, and most people would only need to get their waxed after every 5-6 weeks. We at Spa Solutions strive to make sure that every appointment is memorable. Don't forget that waxing is also a great way to exfoliate any dead skin cells. Book an appointment today, to experience the best waxing services in Newyork.

Waxing Back

Hair on the back can be so irritating. Especially because they are hard to get rid of yourself, and you always end up having to ask someone else to wax your back for you. Don’t worry, our waxing experts know how to keep a secret. All our appointments are confidential and are bound by a client-service provider privilege.

Waxing Bikini

Hit the water with confidence, with our bikini waxing services. Waxing your bikini areas is no simple task. You have to be very delicate and precise, or it can become uncomfortable fast. The wax can be too hot, or too cold, just adding to the difficulty. Let us take care of everything for you. Our experts will seamlessly remove any unwanted hair in your Bikini regions.

Waxing Brazilian

If you are interested in taking things further than a Bikini wax, we can do that too. Our Brazilian wax includes all or partial removal of hairs in your private region, around the external genitals, between the thigh, and around the anus. There might be slight discomfort as the area is highly sensitive, but we promise that the pain will be worth the final result. Every waxing session is completely confidential, and you get to choose who you want to book an appointment with.

Waxing – Full Body

A big day is coming up and you want to look your absolute best? We got you covered. We’ll start from your chest, and delicately wax off hair from your entire body. The entire session is conducted in a private room where you can listen to music, and lose yourself in the fragrance of scented candles. We’ll help you get rid of all your worries, along with all those unwanted hair.


You’ll receive everything that is included in the Brazilian waxing, plus the added benefit of intimate cleansing, extractions, and a brightening hydro jelly mask. It’s a great way to get rid of any dead skin cells and provide nourishment to the skin of your intimate areas.

Brazilian + Hydrojelly

You can exclude the option for intimate cleaning, and choose only to get a rejuvenating and nourishing hydrogel mask applied. Perfect if you are meeting up with someone special.