Yoni steaming

Yoni steaming

A special blend of herbs and plants, that not only revitalizes your uterus but also helps restore inner hormonal balance. The water is brought to a boil periodically, and the harmony of cold and hold steam coming from the pot helps regulate the flow of blood. You can decide on how warm you want the steam to be. Every pot is freshly made just for you.

Fertility blend 30 mins

Are you having trouble conceiving? Then you might want to give our Fertility blend a try. All the herbs in the fertility blend are proven to increase fertility by getting rid of any blockages in your uterus. It helps increase blood flow while strengthening the uterus lining. It also restores balance to the levels of estrogen and hormones responsible for a proper shedding cycle.

Goddes blend 30 mins

A herbal blend that'll help you connect with your inner goddess. This blends help restore balance to your yoni by increasing blood circulation to the womb. It restores the pH to improve vaginal health, increase libido and also eliminates any odour. Discover what its like to be goddess, visit today!

Build your own pot 30 mins

Each tradition and culture has its unique blend for yoni steaming. We celebrate that uniqueness and invite you to make the pot however way you want. You’ll get to use all our top-of-the-line yoni steaming equipment and enjoy your own version of yoni steaming. Your secret is safe with us. Let’s celebrate the best part of being a woman together!

Besty steam session 30 mins

Let’s celebrate womanhood together. Bring one of your Bestie along, and enjoy an exclusive discount. Get two different pots, and bask in the rejuvenating advantages of yoni steaming together. You can either bring a friend along or gift the session to someone. Heal together, grow together, and get stronger together.