Busting 3 common myths about Yoni Steaming

Let’s address the elephant in the room shall we? There are a lot of misconceptions about yoni steaming out there, and it’s all because of how little people actually know about it. Women have been using yoni steaming for thousands of years due to its countless benefits. But modern day medicine has taken attention away from this holistic practice. 

In this post we will bust 5 common myths that surround yoni steaming and discourage women from trying out yoni steaming in Newyork for themselves. Let’s get right into it.

Myth #1: There is a risk of getting burned during Yoni Steaming

Well, you can get burned when sitting over a pot of boiling water, but it’s not the process of Yoni steaming itself that is unsafe. You can get burned cooking food, or holding your favorite cup of coffee or maybe ironing your hair. 

But if you take proper precaution during cooking, or hold the coffee cup from the handle, and make sure that the iron isn’t overheated during hair straightening, you’ll be perfectly safe. Same is the case here.

You will only get burned if you don’t stand up when it gets too hot. Because you might need to stand up multiple times during yoni steaming, it’s just how it is. So if you don’t override your instinct to stand-up when it gets hot, you’ll be perfectly safe.

Myth # 2: You can run an infection from Yoni Steaming

Just like when you steam your pores for the dirt and debris to come out, yoni steaming promotes the release of infection from the body. The steam did not create the dirt and debris, it is just removing what was already there. Same is the case with yoni steaming. 

Yoni steaming doesn’t create infections, it just helps the body get rid of it, by making the process faster. The herbs and medicinal steam that enters your body loosens the tissues that are dead or running an infection. Thus removing them from your body.

This can be kind of gross, because a lot might come out from your body. But that is actually a good thing, because it’s all coming out! 

Myth # 3: You don’t need Yoni Steaming, because the Uterus is Self-Cleansing

Well so is your skin, but it’s still good to use a soap and some scrub once in a while. The truth is that all organs in the human body are self-cleansing. That’s the beautiful part about the human body. But it still feels nice to have a detox drink for the stomach and Liver once in a while.

Yoni steaming is just like a detox for the Uterus. It removes all the yeast, infection and stagnation that is happening in your uterus. This helps reduce the frequency and severeness or period cramps, regulates blood flow and all balances pH and hormones.

Why not try yoni steaming for yourself? Because after all is said and done, you won’t know it until you try it. At Spa Solutions, we have the top of the line healthcare professionals that’ll be with you during the entire session. It’s our duty to make sure that you are perfectly healthy and comfortable.

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